The trademark for real Swiss spelt

The logo and the term PureSpelt (UrDinkel) were established in 1996 by the spelt interest group and are registered as a trademark. The mandatory requirements specification was developed and has since then been gradually extended. Today the PureSpelt trademark essentially guarantees the following values:

  • identifies only the old Swiss spelt types that are not crossed with wheat
  • allows cultivation only on IP-SUISSE and BIO SUISSE approved farms
  • guarantees the origin to be from hereditary areas of cultivation
  • stands for purity (tolerates only traces of other grains, max. 0.9 %)
  • is controlled and certified by recognised controlling institutions on all levels of production

Old spelt types that are not crossed with wheat

Only old spelt types that are not crossed with wheat (at the moment "Oberkulmer" and "Ostro") are permitted to use the PureSpelt trademark. These types have proven themselves in processing over decades and are also very popular with consumers. They are characterised by their exceptionally long stalks. Therefore producers of PureSpelt are allowed to use virtually no fertiliser. The yield stays low. But the ecological value and the inner quality are accordingly high. In contrast to modern spelt types that have been shortened through crossing with wheat, the PureSpelt brand adheres to the principal of purity and to largest possible genetic difference to wheat. (Photo: left PureSpelt, right wheat)

Near-natural cultivation without stalk shorteners

In order for the ecological advantage of PureSpelt in cultivation to really have an effect it is crucial that the spelt be cultivated in a label program that forbids stalk-shortening plant protection products. For this reason PureSpelt may only be cultivated on IP-SUISSE or BIO SUISSE certified farms. Spelt products that carry the IP-SUISSE ladybird beetle always contain certified PureSpelt. Under the IP-SUISSE label, no spelt types that are crossed with wheat are cultivated.

Important: Organic products labelled with the BIO SUISSE bud may contain PureSpelt but also spelt types that have been crossed with wheat. If you want to be certain that the organic spelt is really one of the old, pure spelt types, check for the additional PureSpelt trademark or demand confirmation from the manufacturers.

Hereditary areas of cultivation

PureSpelt is cultivated exclusively under contract in the so called hereditary areas of cultivation. In concrete terms this means that PureSpelt cultivation contracts are only concluded with producers that are within the immediate catchment area (currently a maximum of 40 kilometres by road) of one of the rolling mills that were registered with the Swiss Federal Government in 1985. In this way the PureSpelt trademark guarantees the protection of origin after the model of an AOC trademark (however protected under private law) which leads to a myriad of advantages:

  • short transport routes
  • regional processing
  • preservation of small, mostly family owned processing establishments in peripheral regions of grain cultivation
  • preservation of an alternative source of income for producers in the area
  • preservation of the diverse cultural landscape in the area
  • preservation of added value creation in rural areas

By enjoying PureSpelt products you are making a valuable contribution to the preservation of a sustainable Swiss agriculture and food production.

Independent control

In order to ensure that the PureSpelt trademark did not remain an empty promise, it was subjected to an independent control from the very beginning. Today ProCert Bern, which is recognised by the Swiss Federal Government, is responsible for the control and certification of all the PureSpelt production and processing establishments. In addition to the PureSpelt trademark, certified PureSpelt products therefore also carry an indication of their certification by ProCert.