Nutrient power station and slenderiser

Spelt, the original grain from the Bronze Age, possesses characteristics of which most other foodstuffs could be jealous: Spelt is easily digested, it is strong, it makes people cheerful, it is in line with the gourmet trend and is by its very nature an ecological grain - provided one selects the old, genuine varieties; the original PureSpelt.

Nutrient power station - PureSpelt

Spelt is not only one of the most protein-rich grains, but it also contains many vitamins (E and B groups, folic acid, niacin) and minerals, in particular iron, magnesium and phosphor. And as far as the cheerfulness of the psyche is concerned, we know today that spelt also contains six of the eight essential amino acids that stimulate the production of hormones which help put the body in a happy mood. Another important benefit is its "good" fatty acids. The powerful grain contains high-quality unsaturated fatty acids - and no cholesterol. Unsaturated fatty acids are good for the blood vessels and help protect against cardiovascular disease. Moreover they are vital building materials for cell walls and the neural system.

Train and lose weight happily

Its high percentage of complex carbohydrates, fatty acids and dietary fibre makes spelt an ideal foodstuff for weight watchers and (top) athletes. The secret: The sensation of satiety it creates lasts longer, since wholemeal spelt provides a great deal of energy but nevertheless has a very low GI. The glycaemic index, for short GI, is a measure of the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels and how quickly they release glucose into the bloodstream. The GI for wholemeal spelt is 35 and is thus on an almost equally low level as raw carrots. Wholemeal wheat already has a GI of 40, oat flakes a GI of 50 and white rice a GI of 70. Foodstuffs that have a low GI, release glucose more slowly into the organism thus ensuring a more balanced level of blood sugar and making you full, fit and happy longer.

A well-tolerated, easily digestible, ecological grain

Anyone who takes care to ensure that their body's acidity level is not too high cannot go wrong with spelt. The slightly alkaline grain has a neutral effect and is thus perfect for the important acid-base balance. Thanks to its many water soluble ingredients, spelt is additionally easily digested - ideal for children, convalescent patients and top athletes. Spelt is by its very nature an ecological grain. Thanks to its physical height, the ears are better protected against fungal infection; the husk protects the grains from harmful substances. The long stalks make intensive cultivation using a lot of fertilizer impossible. The prerequisite, however, is that truly old varieties that are not crossed with wheat are selected and that these are carefully cultivated without stalk-shortening measures. Spelt that fulfils all these requirements is distinguished in Switzerland with the brand name PureSpelt (UrDinkel).

PureSpelt - recommended for all blood groups

You can find out why it is essential that you know what your blood group is (0, A, B or AB) from Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. Born in 1956 in New York, as a medical doctor and one of the most important practitioners of naturopathic medicine in the USA, he has for many years carried out research on the interrelationship between blood groups, way of life and diet, health and sickness. He classifies spelt - in contrast to wheat - as far more easily digestible:


Blood group Easily digestible Neutral To be avoided
0   Spelt Wheat
A   Spelt Wheat
B Spelt   Wheat
AB Spelt Wheat  

PureSpelt in gourmet trend

Gourmets, top-class chefs and innovative bakers are once again increasingly giving preference to regional products that have their own distinctive flavours. PureSpelt is perfectly suited to this culinary trend: The original Swiss grain, cultivated by committed farmers and processed using established methods, impresses with its fine, nutlike flavour and additionally has many culinary qualities. Firstly, PureSpelt can be used to bake tasty bread. Spelt contains more gluten than any other type of grain and the result is a wonderful, kneadable dough suitable for deliciously tasting bread, pies, pizzas and savoury and sweet pastries. Secondly spelt is ideal for the production of delicious pasta, which is often enriched with wild garlic or boletus mushrooms. From the whole grain - and above all from the green unripe spelt grain that is harvested before it has ripened - talented cooks can conjure up a gourmet "risotto" or a rustic casserole. Spelt flakes can be used to produce tasty muesli, spelt semolina, tangy soups and blancmange. And instead of wheat beer, those amongst you who are attuned to nature will certainly be drinking frothy spelt beer.