Pasta Bonetti GmbH

Elestastrasse 8
7310 Bad Ragaz
Tel. 081 302 76 01

Our pastry is predominantly handmade, to preserve the valuable that carry the Ingredients. The results are small treasures which meet our quality criteria to 100%. Since 1992 we have remained true to our philosophy. On our brand you can rely on, our logo stands for the highest quality and enjoyment. We only use raw materials of the highest quality and wherever possible from organic cultivation. We are convinced that the careful selection of delicate ingredients are crucial for the taste and quality of our products.

Pasta factory outlet

We combine modern and traditional values in our manufacturing process. We use small machines equipped with traditional bronze masks to impart a rough texture to the pasta. During pressing we pay attention to little pressure and heat so that the raw materials do not lose their high quality. Then placed by hand onto the dry grid and gently air-dried at about 34° degrees for 16 to 24 hours. Through this considerate process the raw materials are preserved in their natural form. After drying our finished pasta is hand packaged with love and precision. This is in our fast-paced industry time certainly not common.

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